These Legs Were Made for Walkin'...

When in Paris recently I took advantage of one of their free walking tours. The concept goes something like this: local guides wait at designated locations at specific times throughout the day wearing an article of clothing you will clearly recognise like in the case of my guide - a fuchsia pink vest. You roll up and wait and when your guide turns up you and the other tourists who have managed to navigate a strange city to find the designated spot, begin walking together. Your guide talks about the history of places you are passing, points out where famous so-and-so lived way-back-when and if you’re lucky they will stop in front of the very best shops where you can buy the very best coffee or pastry or other sweet delight. At the end of the tour, if you are so inclined, you slip your guide a tip, the amount determined by what you deem their narration and guidance worthy. I paid ten euro to my guide for a tour of Montmartre, Paris. If the others in my group of six did the same then that twenty-something French girl would have made sixty euro for just over an hour’s work. What a great way for students or artists to make some extra cash.

Alas, Melbourne seems to have none of these ‘free’ walking tours. (If I’m wrong about this feel free to post the link in the comments section). All is not lost though as our fair city does have a number of walking tours so long as you are willing to part with some hard earned cash. If you are visiting Melbourne then I highly recommend you allocate some of your budget to at least one walking tour. Trust me on this when I tell you a lot can be missed when your head is buried brow deep in a map you can’t read unless you turn it upside down and your experience will be so much the richer for having learnt at least a little about one of the cities you visited. If you’re a native Melbournian like me then I urge you at least once in your life to act like a tourist for a day and discover news things about your city.

To get you started here are a few tours:

Melbourne by Foot
Cost: $35 includes tea or coffee
Departs: daily from Federation Square
Duration: 2.5 -3 hours
Bookings: online, email, phone

Melbourne Walks
Variety of specialised tours including laneways, street art, unsolved crimes, cemetery, bookshops plus lots more.
Cost: $50
Departs: varies
Duration: typically 2.5 hours
Bookings: email, phone

CAE Walking Tours
The Centre for Adult education offers walking tours in the following categories: Art Gallery and Cultural, Culinary and Historical.
Cost: varies
Departs: varies
Duration: varies
Bookings: online, phone

Viator Central Melbourne Walking Tour
Cultural city walking tour, visit laneways and arcades, see parks and the Yarra river.
Cost: $35
Departs: 1pm from Federation Square
Duration: 3 hours Bookings: online, phone

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