Fairfield Boathouse

Picturesque and relaxing with water views and plenty in the way of food and drink to refuel your reserves. What more could you ask for?

Although best enjoyed on a warm summer day, the Fairfield Boathouse has plenty of seating inside if you happen to find yourself there on a less than perfect day. Just make your way around the balcony and you will discover several large rooms that overlook the lake whilst allowing you to stay out of the temperamental Melbourne weather. On the day I went the area under the balcony was reserved for a wedding but I imagine at other times it’s open to the public. If you’re prepared to tough it by sitting outside on the balcony on a cooler day pick up one of the warm blankets by the door to throw over your legs as you watch brave souls below row their hire boats in circles after they lose an oar.

The boathouse is so big that it doesn’t offer table service. Order your meal at the outside kitchen before you find your seat and you will get a buzzer that will notify you when it’s ready to be collected (our meal took less than ten minutes). The menu ranges from breakfast/brunch/lunch items to pancakes to full meals. I lucked out with a very tasty veggie burger topped with a spicy pumpkin mash (highly recommend) whilst my dining companion was less than impressed with her sausage in baguette with salad. Coffee, tea, spiders, juices, hot chocolate, cakes and desserts and piping hot scones are all on offer but for these you must enter the boathouse, place your order and wait for your food.

One can sit and pass an entire afternoon here if desired as the generous amount of seating means you aren’t pressured to move along. Picnic tables are available down on the grass by the river for those who want to be right on the river bank and for the truly adventurous who aren’t afraid of losing an oar or two, boats can be hired for half hour or more.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Weekends 8.30am until dusk

Limited parking available in carpark and even then it’s limited to 4 hours. Street parking also available.

Fairfield Park Boathouse and Tearooms

How to get there:
1 Fairfield Park Drive, Fairfield VIC 3078
(03) 9486 1501

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Fairfield Boathouse image: © Suzanne Trew


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