The Comics Lounge

Are you a giggler? Maybe you're a snorter? Perhaps you have an embarrassing guffaw or a wolf-like howl? Whatever your laughter style it will be put to good use at the Comics Lounge.

I hadn't been to this venue for years when I stumbled across $15 tickets to see Bob Franklin. Who am I to argue with a bargain night out, complete with stress relieving laughter? What I didn't count on was having the privilege of seeing four comedians for $15! All were very entertaining. All were very funny. This venue is value for money and you're guaranteed to leave with ribs that hurt from too much laughter.

You may look at the upcoming lineup at the Comics Lounge and think to yourself "Hmmm. I really have no clue who half these comedians are." Don't let this stand in your way! I've never come away from this venue thinking "Gosh. He was a dud!" Often when you have no expectations you are pleasantly surprised. I continue to be surprised by this venue.

The Comics Lounge has a few regulars like Brad Oakes and Greg Fleet and will often feature special guests like Fiona O'Loughlin, Marty Fields, Lehmo, Vince Sorrenti, Will Anderson, Dave Hughes to name a few. The Comics Lounge venue has table seating with the option of arriving early and taking in dinner with the show. The menu is cheap and similar to what you might get down at your local pub (chicken parma, lasagne, fish and chips) and the bar is well stocked.

My top tip is to like them on Facebook as you will be privy to all the latest news, cheap tickets  and even free ticket giveaways. When at the venue you may have the chance to buy cheap tickets - I bought $6 tickets in early December that could be used for any Monday to Saturday show until the end of March 2013. You can also sign up for their email newsletter at their website and stay up to date with upcoming comedians.



Opening hours
Varies - check the website.

How to get there
26 Errol Street
North Melbourne Vic
9348 9488

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