Federation Bells

If you're a visitor to Melbourne you may just miss these unusual bells right in the heart of the city. Likewise I've talked to a few Melburnians who've never heard of them.  The 39 'upside down' bells were created for the centenary of Australia's federation in 2001 and play three times daily. On a visit last week I was lucky enough to hear them playing as I approached. The bells play between 8-9am, 12.30-1.30pm and 5pm-6pm and it's really worth timing your visit to catch them play their sweet melodious sound.

The Federation Bells are situated in the park right beside the Yarra River so you may want to pack a picnic basket full of local goodies or buy some lunch at Southgate and take it down to the riverside while the bells play. These bells are also a great subject for the photography enthusiast as different angles produce vastly different shots of the bells. It's possible to get a bush scene (shown above) or change your vantage point to get gorgeous blue sky or Melbourne city skyscrapers in the background. 


Birrarung Marr
Princes Walk,  Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia

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Image: © Suzanne Trew


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