Chocoholics Walking Tours

If there's one thing I'm never giving up it's chocolate. Make that two things. Chocolate and coffee. Would there really be any point to living without them? A couple of years back I joined an English girlfriend on a delectable chocolate walking tour of Melbourne.

We chose one of the Chocoholics tours. The company seems to offer the widest range of times and days. Our chocolate journey began at Lindt where were given a melt-in-your-mouth macaroon to taste (Lindt call them Delice). The range of flavours on offer make it almost impossible to choose. We opted to 'come back later' and buy some rather than carry them around. Big mistake. We never got back there. So my advice is to buy on a whim!

Our tour continued on to The Chocolate Box, Haighs and Koko Black where we ended our gooey, rich journey by sitting down and enjoying a choice of a few different items covered by the tour cost. If memory serves the chocolate brownie smothered in chocolate sauce won hands down. If you wanted to buy extra you could as the tour ended here and you could stay as long as you liked. The chocolate highlight of the tour for me was the dark orange slice I bought at Haighs. Real orange slices dipped in chocolate. Sheer, utter, bliss. I didn't blink an eye at the $100+ per kilo price. After all you can't put a price on happiness!

If you're not a chocolatey person but know someone who is this would be a great gift idea as it's something you can easily turn up to alone.

Chocoholic Tours

Tours run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are various times.

$39 per person (plus a $2 per booking fee)

How to get there
Tours start at different chocolate shops so please check Google maps once you have booked your tour.

Image: © Suzanne Trew

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  1. Mmm, that dark orange slice sound delicious. Might have to think about doing one of these tours! Btw, love your blog, Suzanne!